We'll host your Team Building Event or Private Session at our Roaster

Be a Coffee Roaster for a day and learn the Art of Coffee Roasting from a local woman-owned Coffee Roasting Company, Papermoon Coffee Co.

The demonstration roast on our Joper 15kg roaster will bring you up close and personal to the process of roasting.

You will take coffee beans from green to a rich and chocolate color then turning them into your very own blend.

We will walk you through all the stages the beans go through as they dry, then enter into first crack, where they begin to become the familiar bean you know and love.

After the coffee roasts, we will take you through the production steps blending and bagging your own beans.

The next phase is to learn the art of cupping.

The idea of cupping is to taste and evaluate the roasted coffee and finally provide quality control. We will explore what flavors you may taste as we slurp the fine liquid. This is where coffee gets poetic.

As your session ends you will leave with a better understanding of coffee culture: from seed to cup. Getting to know a local roaster and taking home your personally roasted beans.

Contact us at Roasters@papermoon.cafe